Mark Molesley: Squad deserves a lot of praise

by: theterras


On Billericay postponement 

It’s a bit of a bizarre situation really. The weather was bad here but not too bad up in the London area. I mean it’s a terrible act (the vandalism on Billericay’s pitch), especially for non-league clubs who rely on volunteers. Obviously it doesn’t help us either and nobody wins out of it, it’s terrible shame. I hope that they can find out who did it, hopefully, they can be caught. I also hope that they can repair the damage to the pitch as they have worked hard to get it in a good condition. 

On 15 games into the league 

Look, I think the group deserves a lot of praise for how well we have done in this league so far. It’s a step up and it’s going well due to the hard work and desire but it is only 15 games. We can’t and won’t rest on our laurels. It’s a tough league and it presents great challenges. What I would say is that if we keep showing the same attitude and willingness then we will continue to improve and do well. So far, to other people, they might think we have overachieved but for us, we know what we can do and what we can achieve. It’s all about that togetherness as a group. 

On the club now from when he took over 

I think as a management team and a staff you don’t get too much time to sit down and reflect. I think when you see the increase in attendances and the strides the club has made as a whole, the fire within everyone has definitely been relit. When you do think about it and you think about what a fantastic job everyone does around the club, it does show the progress. It’s a real team effort from everyone and I must stress it’s not just the team on the pitch. We all want to do well and achieve together. Credit to the players and my staff for what they are doing on the pitch. It’s good to see our supporters fall in love with the football club again.