John Pritchard: Can you tell us about your first memory of playing football?

Ollie Harfield: My first memory of playing football of any sort was at home smashing everything in sight with the ball getting shouted at by my parents!

JP: I think we have all been there! Following on from smashing the ball around, can you remember your first pair of football boots?

OH: My first pair of boots were the Grey Total 90s! Best pair of boots I’ve ever had and still actually have them now!

JP: You seemed to have made a friend in Nelson the horse on your Instagram stories. He seemed to take a liking to your boots, we believe this might be a Terras first. Can you just talk us through it and your friendship with Nelson?

OH: I was driving through the forest and found this horse who was extra friendly. He tried to get into my car but he didn’t really fit! He took a liking to my football boots in the boot but he didn’t have much control! I’m now the Terras official horse whisperer.

JP: That’s brilliant and is definitely a first! Who was the first Terras player you knew and how did you meet?

OH: I’ve known quite a lot of the boys as we were all at Bournemouth together for years, but I’ve always been close to Jake! So it’s nice to be back as teammates!

JP: Totally agree, I can imagine it was great coming into the changing rooms and having a few familiar faces. The last one from me mate, we see you very comfortable going forward and back, what was the first position you started playing football as?

OH: I actually started at Southampton as a striker! Then to left midfield then to only the last few years I have become a left-back mainly. But It’s helped me a lot as I feel comfortable all over the pitch. I do enjoy going forward and like to contribute to making goals. I would like to score a few more though!

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