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Western League Divison 1

Trowbridge Town3422661094450
Chippenham Town3419510945043
Salisbury City3417512785139
Bristol Rovers Colts34121210656336
Paulton Rovers3413615576432
Wells City3414416516732
Bath City Res3414416639232
Poole Town3413516596531
Yeovil Town Res3471215618126
Portland United3411419517026
Bristol City Colts3474235710518
07/08/1948Pre Season TrialClub TrialHome2000All of 30 players used
07/08/1948Pre Season TrialClub TrialHome2000No score recorded
14/08/1948Pre Season TrialClub TrialHomeProbables 32800S McGowan(2) A Anderson
14/08/1948Pre Season TrialClub TrialHomePossibles 12800OG
21/08/1948Bristol City ColtsWestern League Division 1Home5-14006R Pickett(4) A Anderson
25/08/1948Salisbury CityWestern League Championship MatchAway3-13500A Anderson(2) Ames
04/09/1948Bournemouth "Poppies"F.A.Cup Extra Preliminary RoundHome8-35012A Anderson(6) S McGowan C Burke
11/09/1948Bristol Rovers ColtsWestern League Division 1Away2-2A Anderson B Smith
15/09/1948Dorchester TownBattle of Britian - J A Devenish CupAway6-02000A Anderson S McGowan C Burke R Redfern P Gallacher OG
18/09/1948AndoverF.A.Cup Preliminary RoundHome3-05742A Anderson P Gallacher R Redfern
25/09/1948SoundwellWestern League Division 1Away1-3A Anderson
02/10/1948Newport - Isle of WightF.A.Cup 1st Qualifying RoundAway4-23300A Anderson(2) R Pickett R Redfern
09/10/1948Bristol City ColtsWestern League Division 1Away3-2R Pickett R Redfern OG
16/10/1948Longfleet St Mary'sF.A.Cup 2nd Qualifying RoundAway4-03800R Pickett(3) R Redfern
23/10/1948Peasedown Miners WelfareWestern League Division 1Away4-1A Anderson(2) S McGowan OG
30/10/1948Poole TownF.A.Cup 3rd Qualifying RoundAway4-25667R Pickett A Anderson S McGowan OG
06/11/1948Dorchester TownDorset Senior Cup 1st RoundHome5-04200A Anderson(2) B Pitney R Pickett S McGowan
13/11/1948Trowbridge TownF.A.Cup 4th Qualifying RoundHome2-08526A Anderson P Gallacher
20/11/1948Glastonbury TownWestern League Division 1Home5-14000A Anderson(2) J Hamer G Summerbee R Redfern
27/11/1948Chelmsford CityF.A.Cup 1st RoundHome2-18590A Anderson P Gallacher
04/12/1948ShaftesburyDorset Senior Cup 2nd RoundHome8-03643A Anderson(3) J Hamer(2) Harvie S McGowan B Pitney
11/12/1948Yeovil TownF.A.Cup 2nd RoundHome0-412512
18/12/1948Bath City ReservesWestern League Division 1Away4-1J Hamer(2) A Anderson S McGowan
27/12/1948ClevedonWestern League Division 1Home2-23961Pearce(2)
01/01/1949Bristol Rovers ColtsWestern League Division 1Home2-12450S McGowan A Anderson
08/01/1949Portsmouth ReservesFriendlyHome0-23953
15/01/1949StreetWestern League Division 1Home3-13981A Anderson(2) J Hamer
22/01/1949Portland UnitedWestern League Division 1Away1-44127P Gallacher
29/01/1949Trowbridge TownWestern League Division 1Home3-15050J Hamer P Gallacher OG
05/02/1949BridportDorset Senior Cup 3rd RoundAway1-01750A Anderson
12/02/1949Paulton RoversWestern League Division 1Home8-03338A Anderson(5) R Pickett(2) D Horlock
19/02/1949Salisbury CityWestern League Division 1Home2-14748A Anderson R Pickett
26/02/1949Chippenham TownWestern League Division 1Away1-21600A Anderson
05/03/1949Poole TownDorset Senior Cup Semi-FinalHome1-23658A Anderson
12/03/1949Peasedown Miners WelfareWestern League Division 1Home8-1A Anderson(3) J Hamer S McGowan P Gallacher R Pickett Grimason
19/03/1949Wells CityWestern League Division 1Home2-03390A Anderson(2)
26/03/1949Yeovil Town ReservesWestern League Division 1Away5-2Grimason(3) A Anderson S McGowan
02/04/1949Trowbridge TownWestern League Division 1Away1-44500R Redfern
06/04/1949Wells CityWestern League Division 1Away2-2A Anderson(2)
07/04/1949SoundwellWestern League Division 1Home6-1S McGowan(2) P Gallacher(2) J Hamer D Horlock
09/04/1949Portland UnitedWestern League Division 1Home5-05867S McGowan(3) P Gallacher J Hamer
11/04/1949ClandownWestern League Division 1Away0-1500
15/04/1949Poole TownWestern League Division 1Away2-0P Gallacher Harvie
16/04/1949ClandownWestern League Division 1Home6-03765Hart(2) B Pitney D Horlock Smith J Hamer
18/04/1949Poole TownWestern League Division 1Home3-23943B Pitney(2) P Gallacher
20/04/1949Bath City ReservesWestern League Division 1Home5-14971Hart(2) Grimason(2) D Horlock
23/04/1949ClevedonWestern League Division 1Away1-0D Horlock
27/04/1949Yeovil Town ReservesWestern League Division 1Home1-14841P Gallacher
28/04/1949Glastonbury TownWestern League Division 1Away0-12500
30/04/1949StreetWestern League Division 1Away2-0A Anderson P Gallacher
04/05/1949Salisbury CityWestern League Division 1Away0-15100
06/05/1949Paulton RoversWestern League Division 1Away1-3Grimason
07/05/1949Chippenham TownWestern League Division 1Home4-14000Hart(2) P Gallacher D Horlock
12/05/1949Portland UnitedDorset League Benefit MatchHome1-0Grimason
14/05/1949Portland UnitedA'Court ShieldAway3-3P Gallacher(2) J Hamer