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In this new series we catch up with Terras fans abroad. We find out how what it’s like being a fan a long way from the home, their Terras memories and how they get their football fix away from the Bob Lucas Stadium.

First up is Kenny Legg, a Terras fan based in Germany.

Whereabouts in the world are you and what took you there?

I’m in Düsseldorf, Germany. I moved out here in 2012 to experience living in another country and to learn the language. I didn’t expect to be here for this long if I’m honest and I’m now applying for citizenship. My German still needs some work though.

Have you started supporting another team since you moved to Germany?

I’ve been following Fortuna Düsseldorf. When I first moved here they’d just been promoted to the Bundesliga, so I got myself a season ticket for about 170 Euros and started watching top division football. I lived in Berlin for a while and followed Tennis Borussia Berlin. They play in the 5th division in front of crowds of a few hundred, it feels much more natural to me!

How long have you been a Terras fan and what’s your earliest Terras memory?

Since my Dad first took me in 1987. My first game was actually postponed! Back then there was no internet (imagine!), so we didn’t know the game was off until we got to the ground to find a handwritten note on the locked gates. In my first 2 seasons of watching we got relegated twice. Despite this horrendous start I was hooked. I even went to reserve team games.

How do you keep in touch with happenings at the Bob Lucas Stadium?

Thankfully we’ve come a long way since I used to have to listen to Wessex FM to find out how we’d got on at an away game.

Some friends and me have got a Whatsapp group where send each other match updates and discuss what’s happening at the club. One member, (Hi Carl!) is at all the home games and regularly sends short videos of the match. Most of them are of free kick routines that don’t work half obscured by a pillar in the Babs stand, so it’s like being there.

Ben’s radio coverage has been brilliant and for most games I’m glued to the commentary. The media coverage is now brilliant – thanks to everyone involved.

Do you get back to the Bob Lucas Stadium much?

I couldn’t keep away last season and saw a lot of away games, too. The flight back to the UK is only an hour. I was there for most of the run-in, including the Farnborough game.

I made it to Ramsbottom for the FA Trophy game. It’s not often we get to play that for away from home, so I wasn’t going to miss that one! Terrible game but their was a brewery next to the ground, so it was a good trip.

Have you ever bumped into another Weymouth fan in Germany?

I don’t think so. I was once heard someone at a Tennis Borussia Berlin game talking about us, so rudely butted into their conversation and introduced myself as a Weymouth fan. Turns out he was a Cambridge City fan and I could tell him I’ve been to <checks notes> Milton Road once.

I’ve also seen a bloke wearing a Ye**il shirt at some BFC Dynamo games. Poor bloke.

How do people react when you tell them you’re a fan of Weymouth?

Normally they react with a slight tilt of the head, a puzzled look and then they ask “Which league is that?”

I say “the sixth division” then they ask “But, who is your proper team?” I then explain that Weymouth FC is a proper team. They normally then back away slowly before I shout “BUT WE AVERAGE A THOUSAND PEOPLE FOR EACH GAME – WE WON PROMOTION FROM THE 7TH DIVISION LAST YEAR!! WE HAVE A PROPER STADIUM….COME BACK!”. I then take a sip of my beer and shrug my shoulders.

And finally… Imagine we draw Yeovil at home in next seasons FA Cup/FA Trophy/League (who knows what’s going to happen!), would you fly back for the game?

Absolutely. There’s not a chance I’d miss that.

Danke schön, Kenny!


Thanks, Kenny. You can follow Kenny on Twitter ( and Instagram (@aitinpot)

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