Ben Thomson described the Terras promotion to the Vanarama National League as “outrageous” and “incredible” after his team proved the doubters wrong by winning the Vanarama National League South Playoffs.

Thomson has now been at the club for five years since joining from Frome Town. The Weymouth forward admits that after first making the move, he didn’t understand “just how big a club Weymouth were and how much it all means to the fans”. Now in August 2020, Thomson is now very much part of the furniture at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

A jubilant Thomson spoke to almost immediately after the trophy lift having been part of Mark Molesley’s team who beat Dartford 3-0 on penalties to secure back to back promotion. Thomson, a man who generally keeps his emotions to himself, was visibly emotional about just what was achieved by a club he loves.

He was the first man back in the changing rooms and had a moment to himself before talking to us about the triumph. “You only need to look on social media to see just what this means to all the fans”.

Thomson is correct, the Terras family has been vital throughout this whole campaign.

“There is one thing that a footballer dreams of when they are younger, having the name on the back of their shirt,” added Thomson.

Despite Thomson saying this in jest, it does highlight the staggering achievement in the three years Mark Molesley has been manager of the club.

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