“Getting a win in the cup gives us a big boost going into our next game in the league”

Corey Jordan talks winning, settling into the team and new signing Christian Saydee.

Amberley Silk (AS): Firstly, a massive win on Saturday, how did that feel?

Corey Jordan (CJ): Was great to get a win after a really tough spell although we need points on the board in the league. Getting a win in the cup gives us a big boost going into our next game in the league.

AS: And to get the winning goal, you must have been so happy?

CJ: Yeah, it’s always nice to score, I should’ve scored the other week which I was disappointed about, so it’s good to get a goal and the winning goal always makes it a little nicer.

AS: You have a game on Boxing Day which you’re used to having played professional football, how are you preparing for that? Will you still be able to enjoy some time off?

CJ: Nothing really changes too much, obviously Christmas day with our families is the main day and we have that off. Otherwise, it’s just about keeping ourselves fit and doing things right because it’s a busy time of the season fixture wise.

AS: You’ve obviously come in from Bournemouth, where you would have played with a few of your current teammates, how has it felt slotting into the team?

CJ: It’s been pretty easy, there’s some familiar faces which always helps and it’s a reasonably young group as well, so I feel like it’s been a very smooth transition.

AS: And today it’s been released that Christian Saydee is joining Weymouth, another Bournemouth connection. What are your thoughts on that?

CJ: I think Saydee will be really good for us. He’s a striker with a physical presence. He’s strong and he’s good on the ball. He’ll hold the ball up that end of the pitch for us and score goals.

AS: And finally, what are your goals for the rest of your season with Weymouth?

CJ: Personally, for me, it’s all about getting games and experience but also to help the team stay in this league and hopefully by doing that the club can continue to grow.

AS: Happy Christmas and best of luck to you and the team for Saturday!

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