The Wessex Lounge welcomed Paul Arnold, Ian Hutchinson, Mark Molesley and Ben Thomson last night for ‘An Evening With’. Ben Ashelford was joined by each guest for a chat about their time at the club and to share memories with fans. Following the individual chats, all four joined Ben for a Q&A from the supporters in attendance. On a very enjoyable evening for all in attendance, the four former stars provided some insight into former team mates and managers they had played for and under.

Ben Thomson had the room in constant laughter with his brilliant sense of humour.

Former back to back promotion winning manager Mark Molesley took the opportunity to thank the fans in a very poignant moment, something COVID robbed him of at the time.

Ian Hutchinson who is still very much involved with the club through commentary was on excellent form with as many stories of off the pitch antics as on it!

Paul Arnold spoke with great fondness of his time at the club and how much he had enjoyed his time at Weymouth.

On behalf of everyone at the club thank you to all four for taking the time to come and spend the evening with us.

Also thank you to all in attendance and finally to Ben Ashelford for his excellent hosting of the evening.

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