by ‘Bristol Exile’ (taken from message board)

Spence played on his own up front and looked quick and eager but had little opportunity with his height against three defenders.

The keeper played ok, kicking very good and commands the area well but he possibly should have got across quicker to deny Horsham their goal.

Bradford looked a lot fitter but did not have much of the game.

Harbut looks like a good player. Takes his time in the middle of the park before playing a good forward pass (were you watching Dean?).

Simon showed his commitment by nearly punching Walker after the Horsham goal when he allegedly told Simon not to worry because it was ONLY a friendly!

Walker himself was quick down the wings making some good crosses, but he often looked like someone who knows 4 clubs are after his signature.

I think the line-up was Matthews, S. Browne, A. Browne, Bradford, Cooper??? (no it wasn’t), Robinson, Hutchinson, Dean, Walker, Harbut, Spence.

Footnote: Horsham’s goal arrived on 26 minutes

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