AN EIGHT-year-old boy had a huge smile on his face as he led his favourite football team onto the pitch.

George Patterson, 8, led his side Weymouth Football Club, out onto the pitch in the sunshine on Saturday for their match against Redditch. George’s team were victorious with a 2-0 win.

The youngster contracted meningitis when only a baby and sadly his condition has deteriorated over the last few months.

His scoliosis, or curvature or the spine, is now at a severe stage, putting pressure on his heart, lungs and other organs. In November he was diagnosed hydrocephalus, swelling on the brain.

The family are now being supported by Julia’s House and George’s siblings Kaya, 10, and Bobby, 4, are receiving support from the charity.

The family are determined to make the most of each day and are making as many memories as possible.

George, his brother Bobby and their dad Martin, are all huge Weymouth Football Club fans. So much so that Bobby’s middlename is “Terra” in honor of the club. So it was a very special day on Saturday when George got to be their mascot for the day – his whole family turned up to watch him lead his team out.

They family got the VIP treatment from the club and George was even given a special Terra’s shirt by Robert Bowman from Refrigeration Specialists.

The family also did a collection for charity Meningitis Now during the half time break, which raised £265.03.

George’s mum Naomi said George was still battling and still smiling adding: “He is still at the stage where he’s quite happy. This is absolutely an extra special memory. It’s something Martin always wanted to do with George and Bobby.”

The family thanked the club for the ‘amazing’ day, coach Micky Greeno for helping organize it and Liz Bell, as well as A-line taxis for their support. The family said they had “one of the best days ever.”

Naomi said: “Just thank you for making these extra special memories for today. It will be something that stays with the family forever.”
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A spokesman for the club said they were “delighted” to help the family and help George achieve his dream of being a mascot.

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