CHRIS Pugsley could be set to change his role within the Terras’ boardroom set-up, in a move that may see him step down as the club’s chairman.

The Weymouth director, who took over as chairman of the club from Nigel Biddlecombe in September 2014, hinted at a fans’ forum back in April this year that he was likely to step aside from his current position and work entirely on football matters with player-manager Jason Matthews.

Giving an update on his intentions for his role during the upcoming campaign, Pugsley told Echosport: “We have a board meeting on Wednesday night and I do think I will be stepping down from the chair completely.

“I haven’t got the time to do all the work that a chairman needs to do and, at the moment, there’s no help coming in.

“I love being chairman of the football club but I can’t give it the time it is demanding of me, it’s as simple as that. I am not prepared to any more – it’s just not possible.

“If everyone is in agreement, I will work solely on the footballing side as a director of football with Jason.

“I will report to the board with what I am doing with the football, the budgets and squads at board meetings.”

He added: “We have some great volunteers at the club but we are definitely light at board level. Too much is left on one person to do and, without the girls in the office, it would be almost impossible.”

Asked if there was a call to extend the board of directors at the club, Pugsley replied: “Yes, definitely.

“We are more interested in reliable directors who can take on a role, fulfil it, and make it successful.

“Money is not the be all and end all.

“For the two years I have been in charge the club have made money and we are set to make money again this year.

“It’s to do with people who can work at the top end of the club professionally and make it successful.”

Asked if anyone is prepared to take the chair in his place, Pugsley replied: “I have got no idea to be honest.

“I think they are trying to not commit to doing it, hoping I will continue.”

A decision on Pugsley’s role with the club is likely to be made at the board meeting tomorrow evening.

Dorset Echo

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