CHRIS Pugsley has confirmed to Echosport that he is staying on as the chairman of Weymouth Football Club.

The club held a board meeting on Wednesday evening and, while agreeing to stay on in his present position, Pugsley also named Rob Bowman and Steve Walkinshaw as new non-executive directors.

The chairman is also hoping to announce a new, full director next week.

Explaining the situation regarding his own position, Pugsley said: “I have agreed I will stay on and continue the job.

“I was quite overwhelmed by people thanking me and appreciating the situation the club is in now.

“It would have been difficult to let go.

“I have now got two people who have stepped up as non-executive directors, who are going to take on roles within the club and be very helpful.

“The workload can be spread and I have told them what I need from them and they have agreed they will do it.

“Two other directors have gone into roles which I needed covering and I am hoping to take on another director on Tuesday, who has shown an interest.”

He added: “On that basis I have said I will run with it and let that be the end of any speculation of me staying or going (as chairman).”

Dorset Echo

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