As the season draws to a close, the Board would like to update everyone on the progress over the possible new community stadium.

We have been in constant discussions with land owners and interested third parties over the last couple of years, and an amazing amount of work has gone on behind the scenes. The discussions have proven very complicated and they remain challenging. Everyone involved on behalf of the Club has done everything possible to achieve our aims, and will continue to do so. There are complicated planning issues which affect all possible sites, and the development of the land at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

We are still looking at various sites. The landowners have made very clear that we cannot disclose the locations at this time. While that is frustrating for our fans, the Board would like to thank the landowners for the enormous amount of time and effort that they have also put into the process. Once we can sort an agreement with the landowner of our preferred site, we will then be able to disclose its location and apply planning permission for the community stadium.

We would again like to thank the overwhelming number of Terras fans for their support and patience. We would ask that the handful of people who place uninformed posts on social media, refrain from doing so, as this only undermines the excellent work undertaken by so many on behalf of the club and you, its fans. We will continue the work with the landowners and WCSLLP and will report in greater detail to you, the fans, as soon as we are able to do so.

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