After a short break, Midweek Matters returns and this week the Terras’ manager Mark Molesley joins Josh Barton of

Josh Barton: Hi Mark, thanks for joining us this week. You’ve been in this new job as Weymouth manager for just under a month. How has the close season gone so far? Does the game ever really stop?

Mark Molesley: Hi Josh and hello everyone reading. No it definitely doesn’t! This is a crucial part of the season for managers, particularly as we are playing catch up having to sort and prepare everything from scratch as it’s a brand new regime. It would have been ideal to have the last couple of months to start preparations but we have more than enough time to make up the ground! All the staff have been hard at work preparing for the coming season.

JB: We have managed to retain the services of a few of last seasons squad for next season. How important was it to keep the players you have re-signed?

MM: Very important. We know these players well and we know what we are getting. These players know what it means to play for Weymouth and I expect them to lead from the front and set the standard for incoming players. It also means we won’t be starting with a team that hardly know each other.

JB: Have you got specific targets in mind in terms of the positions you want to strengthen in the squad?

MM: We have a shortlist of specific targets. If we feel a player has the right characteristics and can improve us then we will do our best to get them to the football club. Obviously we are still light in certain areas so we will be looking get the right balance in our squad.

JB: Does AFC Bournemouth’s Premier League position go to show what can be achieved with the right work ethic and commitment? Obviously on a different scale.

MM: Without a shadow of a doubt and I have surrounded myself with people with that work ethic and commitment in my staff. We want to build something special here and if you want to be part of it you have to have those values.

JB: How are you finding negotiations in the market for the first time as a manager? How important are your coaches in the close season?

MM: I haven’t underestimated how tough this challenge is going to be and that’s why the first thing I did was secure my coaching staff who share my passion and drive. They will be vital in helping set up the environment for our players to be the best they can be. It’s a tough market this time of the season as we are competing against some big budgets but ultimately we will end up the right players as I feel our environment will attract the ones with the right attitude.

JB: You’ve obviously participated in a fair few pre-season’s in your time as a player. Knowing what it’s all about, how will you be approaching pre-season as a manager?

MM: Exactly as I did as a player, head down and work hard!  Preparation is key and we will be working round the clock to be as efficient as we can with the limited time you have as a part time club. It’s vital we don’t waste a minute.

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