WEYMOUTH have announced that, for the year ending May 31, 2017, it made a profit of £13,287 which amounted to a fall of £61,232 on the previous year’s results of £74,519, at their AGM.

The meeting also saw Joshua Barton, Reginald Tanner, Ian White, Mark Golsby and Simon Etherington appointed to the board while Alan Pepperell and Ralph Ricardo were both re-elected without opposition.

The club hope to expand the number of directors on the board to 12 but will see a lengthy process to do this.

This which would be to accommodate a member of the Supporters’ Association and so that the club can appoint further people to the board if need be.

Chairman Ian White said: “Via the process of special resolution we are hoping to update the articles of association.
“The plan hopefully will be to increase the number of directors at the club so that we can accommodate anyone that wants to get involved and help so that is the plan but it will have to go to an AGM and special resolution.”

White added: “If someone wants to get involved then you do not want to have to turn them away.

“At the moment, the articles are quite old and what we want to do is bring them more up into the 21st century.”

The meeting opened with apologies of absence, also it was announced that a fans’ forum is hoped to be held after the game against Gosport Borough on Easter Monday.

The club also announced that efforts to fundraise for a new player have hit £3,200.

Meetings are ongoing with regards to a new community stadium plan for Weymouth and directors Etherington and Pepperell, along with the club’s solicitor will be assisting with the meetings.

It was also clarified that the club are looking for a wide player as opposed to a centre-forward as previously thought.

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