Club Captain Ashley Wells talks to Louie James of in our latest interview. Who is the biggest inspiration in your career? And why?

Ashley Wells: That’s a very good first question. I would say my family as I always want to make them proud. Also more recently in my career I’d say my children. Nice. Thank you. Leading into another season with the Terras, do you think the club has the right things in place to go one further than last season and get promoted?

AW: Yeah I believe we can this season. Last season we was so close. This year we are another year wiser and have a year under our belt together. We are in good shape and It’s so professional and the club are doing everything to help us be in the best possible shape going into the games. I think everyone is really positive about the upcoming season and hopefully that positivity is evident on the pitch. Who is your favourite sportsman who’s not a footballer and why?

AW: I’d have to say Freddie Flintoff. I love the way he just doesn’t take himself to seriously even when he was representing England, he still had a laugh. Decent. What is your most enjoyable moment at Weymouth so far?

AW: It would have to be when I scored from the edge of the box as you don’t see me score often, another close favourite was the Kettering 3-2 at home when Adam Kelly scored in the 90th minute the Bob Lucas went mad. It always helps when the atmosphere is incredible at a game. Do you think you are the fastest player at the club? And who is your closest competition as the fastest player?

AW: Yeah when the crowd get behind us and the turn out is good then it does help us. I think I’m the quickest I think second would be Thommo as he can shift for a big boy! Haha! Final question now, What did you go dressed as to your last fancy dress party and was your costume the best at the party?

AW: I went as a nun but no it wasn’t the best outfit as some people go all out for it!

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