MARK Molesley says his Weymouth side have got everything to play for as they head into the critical final 10 games of the season, starting with Hendon today (3pm).

Molesley is also taking heart from last year’s run-in, which saw his team take a play-off spot in a frantic top five alongside Hereford, King’s Lynn Town, Slough Town and Kettering Town.

When asked what the mood in the Weymouth team is like at the minute, Molesley replied: “There has been a great mood in the camp at the moment. It is an exciting time for us and the club, we are looking forward to every game. Every game has a different challenge.

“We look forward to trying to reach our heights every week.

“We want to be better every training session, every game we look to try and improve and get better and like I said it is an exciting time, 10 games to go we have got everything to play for.

“It is not often in football that two seasons in a row we have been up at the top competing. We have got everything to look forward to.”

Molesley reflected on how it was last year for Weymouth at this point, where the top five were breaking away to the extent that the gap between fifth (Weymouth) and sixth (Tiverton Town) ended up being 19 points.

The difference between King’s Lynn in second and Weymouth was a paltry three points in comparison, while Hereford managed clear daylight in the end, being 13 points ahead of King’s Lynn.

Molesley said: “I think this last time last year there were five teams, with Hereford just starting to go away with it, so four of us were trying to chase.

“It was tight between the five of us at the end. Hereford were worthy winners in the end but the next four there was not much between us. It is shaping up this year again, four of us, all within points of each other going for the title.

“So it is going to be an exciting end to the season. We have been at the top of the table last year, when people didn’t expect us to be and competing with the big teams so that will stand us in good stead for the season.”

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