John Pritchard: On a personal note, how has the season been for you?

Ashley Wells: It’s been a tough season for me as my playing time has been limited, but that’s what you have to accept when playing in a team going for trophies. As a player you want to play as much as you can, but then you need to ask yourself do you want to play in a team competing for things or a team where you play nearly every game but won’t compete for trophies. Overall I’m happy with my performances and the fact we won the league makes it a lot easier to take.

JP: Well said mate, but when called upon played fantastic! How good was the whole day last Saturday from start to finish?

AW: Was exciting! Worst thing about it was having to watch, but I got to stand with my family which was nice. As soon as that first goal went in we were straight behind the goal and it was crazy! The atmosphere was electric and the place was bouncing, my little boy started singing the slime are going down so I know he enjoyed it. Was amazing getting my hands on that trophy and to lift it with Jake (McCarthy) who is a class lad who I get on well with was great. The changing room after the game was chaos everyone buzzing spraying beer and everything everywhere. Was a class day and one I won’t forget!

JP: Absolute brilliant! Unfortunately I think you missed it but a highlight was Wakefield pretending to swim in the couple of inches thick of water, beer and champagne on the floor! This season has been brilliant for you, club captain of the terras lifting the trophy and also making over 300 appearances can you put into words how that feels?

AW: Yeah I saw Wakefield splashing around like a fish out of water, he’s a funny guy! It’s an unbelievable feeling lifting the trophy and hitting a big milestone and to top it off being club captain. Its a huge honour to represent this great CLUB. Something I never take for granted.

JP: Being Weymouth born it must make it even better personally and it’s great for the fans seeing how well you’ve done!

AW: Yeah always great to be playing for a team I grew up watching. Think the fans see how much passion I have for this club! This is the finest group of footballers and coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure to play football with and for. It’s also great to see the attendances going up and up. The people of Weymouth deserve this trophy and to all the volunteers and fans this one’s for you. I’d also like to dedicate the trophy win to the supporters who aren’t with us anymore and never got to see us back where we belong.

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