Josh Barton: On a personal note, how did the season go for you?

Josh Wakefield: I thought the season went well for me! I started a lot more games than last season and I thought I contributed a lot more which was shown in the stats. 

JB: You won two player of the month awards and put in some fantastic performances and it was nice to see that you got the praise your deserved. Is it fair to say you really enjoyed your football?

JW: I really enjoyed my football last season! Obviously winning the league and being a big part in that helps but that aside, I still did really enjoy every challenge that was thrown at me. 

JB: Was it an easy decision to rejoin Mark Molesley and the Terras as we go into the National League South?

JW: It was an incredibly easy decision! We have a very special group here and with the work ethic and desire of the players and staff, we are always pushing ourselves individually and each other to be better and do better every week, which for me is great! 

JB: Can you describe that feeling of getting over the line and winning the league at home on the final day?

JW: Well how do I describe it?! It was an amazing day for everyone involved really. We never seem to do things the ‘easy’ way but as soon as the second goal went in I finally thought we had done it! It was easily the best day in my footballing life and one I will never forget! The fans were brilliant as well, encouraging us all the way on that final game! 

JB: Any personal targets for next season?

JW: Personally, my targets for next season would be to beat my stats of this season and stay fit throughout the season. I had a good year last year but after January I had a few injures which prevented me from kicking on more. If can avoid them and continue to work hard with the staff and the team then I’m sure we can have another good one next year.

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