Williams aiming high for new season

by: theterras


John Pritchard: So we heard in your video interview you talk about knowing Mark Molesley previously and was an easy option to join the Terras, how did you know Moles?

Brett Williams: We met at our time at Aldershot in the 13/14 season. We drove in together and our car school were very very close. And have stayed in contact since!

JP: That’s great! It must be a great feeling knowing Mark has the trust in you to add you to the squad?

BW: Yes of course he’s put his trust in me and I need to make sure to return the favour with my performances.

JP: From your performances, being a striker I’m sure you are looking at ending with the best tally you can, do you look at setting targets?

BW: Yes I think if you hit 20 goals you’ve had a good season. Always set your targets high though. My best is 28 so would love to beat that!

JP: Yeah that would be great numbers! After your first week of preseason, how would you say it had gone personally and as a team?

BW: I was struggling the first session back, my lungs got a bit of a shock! Felt a lot better after that though. Think as a team in the last two sessions we are getting patterns and tactics getting drilled into us it’s good to see everyone taking them in and working together.

JP: We are soon approaching our first game of preseason and the games are starting. What’s your thoughts and aim for the league as a team?

BW: Very impressed with the team from what I’ve seen in training. But it’s all about games so you will get to know your team mates better that way. We all want to be as high up the league as possible and try and get in the play off spots!