It’s funny how football works: Brooks

by: theterras


‘Calvin Brooks talks his biggest achievement as a Terra, the professionalism of the squad and local rivalry’

Amberley Silk (AS): You are currently Weymouth’s longest serving player, which means that you’ve seen the Terras go through the ranks and into the National League, what do you feel has been your biggest achievement at the club?

Calvin Brooks (CB): For me it was the title winning season in the Southern Premier League, we had worked so hard and missed out in the playoffs the previous year. It was an unbelievable feeling to win the league.

AS: Being the longest serving player, you have obviously seen a lot of players come and go. There’s been a big influx of new players for this season, what do you think of the squad you have around you?

CB: It’s a good group this season, as it has been for the last few. The players are very professional in terms of how they all condition themselves, apart from Thommo, he’s an exception. The lads that have been brought in, look sharp, I’m definitely excited to see Cody play a bit more, he looks sharp in training.

AS: Why is Thommo an exception? It will be good to see new players play more and exhibit themselves for sure. How do you feel as though the season has gone so far?

CB: He’s just a different species and I will leave that there. The first game was very positive in really tricky conditions. The second game was of course disappointing but there will be ups and downs this season and it’s all about how you bounce back in the next game.

AS: Talking of the next match, tomorrow you’re home to Sutton. They’ve started their campaign well so far. How’s the squad preparing for the game?

CB: They have started well; they’re a good side that are established at this level. It will be a great test for us, we have a good idea of how they will play but I think for us, it’s about how we impose ourselves on the opposition which we haven’t done enough of so far.

AS: And finally, you first came to Weymouth on loan from Yeovil, when the Terras were few leagues below Yeovil. How does it now feel to have helped the Terras to be at the same level as your previous club? How are you feeling about renewing the local rivalry?

CB: Some people told me that I made the wrong decision to leave, but for me it was all about playing and now the two teams are in the same league, it’s funny how football works isn’t it? I am looking forward to that game as I know how much the fans want us to beat them!

AS: I think we’re all looking forward to that game! Best of luck for the game tomorrow.