BRETT Williams says he would like to carry on until he is “35 if not 40” as he prepares for his first season at the Bob Lucas Stadium.

Williams, formerly of Torquay United, Aldershot and Eastleigh among others, described the move to Weymouth as a great opportunity.

When asked if it was an appeal to find a club and stay there, bearing in mind the change from full-time to part-time, Williams agreed, as he said: “I am 31 now. I have got to start thinking of things outside of football. When I say that in no way am I thinking about stopping football.

“I started late so I think I would like to carry on until I am 35 if not 40. My legs have not gone or anything like that so I feel like I can definitely do that.”

Williams is aiming to build his career outside of football, but is glad for the opportunity to remain at a good level while he builds his interests away from the pitch.

Williams said: “I have obviously been full time for the last nine years I think it is now, it was a decision where, I have got things outside of football what I can work on to build my career outside of football when I finish.

“So it is a great opportunity for me to stay at a high level and crack on with something outside of football.”

Williams was full of praise for the Terras, and has previously played against them, when he was at Eastleigh.

Williams said: “I have always known about Weymouth due to when I was at Eastleigh, 10 years ago I think it must have been now I have played against them and it was always one of the better stadiums in the league.

“The atmosphere was always good, and they were always very competitive, and I have always seen it as a big club, that they should not have been in the Southern Premier.

“They have always been a National League South, or National League club and I just want to be part of that and take them as high as we can really.”

Williams also offered an insight into what the Weymouth fans can expect from him.

Williams said: “I know this league (the National League South) and it is going to be a lot tougher.

“I think you’ll see a bit of everything from me, I can do everything I am good in the air, I have still got my pace and I like to score, so hopefully the fans will see what I am all about really.”

Dorset Echo

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