John Pritchard: Some of the Terras fans may not know but you did have a spell many years ago, and then obviously a couple in the recent years. You must feel welcome and soon to be at home?

Jordan Rose: I’m really excited to be back at Weymouth. I left slightly disappointed after last seasons loan spell because of my performances, so when I was given the opportunity to come in this season I jumped at the chance. I have always been made to feel so welcome at this club too, the character and support of the fans here played a big role in my return.

JP: That’s brilliant, sounded like a no brainer! The reception you have received from the fans has been great so far on your return and are very happy with yours and the team’s performances, how do you think pre-season has gone so far?

JR: Really good. The group looks very strong and there will be tough competition for a starting place in the team. Forgive the pun but it almost feels like everything and everyone has gone up a level since my time here last season.

JP: Yeah definitely, everyone is working hard! Going into the season you set goals and targets?

JR: I have my personal targets but the teams targets are more important for me. I have a bitter taste in my mouth from the relegation from the National League with Havant as I feel that we were very unlucky and did extremely well to compete at that level considering our circumstances, so I would definitely say that I have something to prove this season, and hopefully I can show why and how I was able to gain promotion from this level.

JP: You are coming in with great experience also coming in with a new haircut, can you tell us more about it?

JR: Yeah I have had a little trim. It was something that I did for a charity called Little Princesses. They will make my hair into a wig for a little girl who has lost theirs through illness. If anybody wants to donate to the charity please get in touch!

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