Josh Barton: How did you feel when the manager told you that you were part of his plans?
Jack Hoey: Over the moon, I’ve been keeping an eye out for what this club has been doing over the last couple years, so being asked to join was very exciting for me!
JB: What should the Terras fans expect from you? What are your main attributes?
JH: I’m a player with a lot of energy, I love to get forward and try to make things happen by getting in areas to score goals or provide them.
JB: Is there anyone that you look up to in the game?
JH: I admire a lot of players but, one who I always loved growing up was Wayne Rooney. He could do everything!
JB: He was/is certainly brilliant and his record isn’t too bad either! Can you just give us a bit of an insight into your time over in the USA? 
JH: America was amazing! I had 4 successful and enjoyable years. The standard is physically demanding and the game is constantly growing over there in terms of knowledge and technical elements. I’m sure I will visit again!
JB: It certainly looks as though you had a lot of admirers looking at the reaction to your signing on Twitter. Do you have any personal goals for next season and are you looking forward to playing in front of big crowds at the Bob Lucas Stadium?
JH: I think it’s always important to have personal goals and for me as an attacker scoring and creating goals is important to me. However, the team goals are what’s really important and we are all looking forward to a successful year! I had never been to the Bob Lucas Stadium before this pre season, but it’s a great place! Can’t wait for the fans to get behind us as we start our journey in the National League South!

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