John Pritchard: Going into your full season as a terras and into a new league, how are you doing, feeling good?

Cameron Murray: Feeling very good and I’m just itching to start the new season on Saturday now. I’m sure the new league will bring about new challenges but there is nothing to fear if we go about our business as we did last season.

JP: Yeah it’s come around fast but also feels like it’s taken its time. As you said we start on Saturday, against Maidstone, do you know much about the opposition in the league?

CM: Right now if I’m honest I don’t know a great deal, and I like it that way. As you know I’ve spent most of my career up north so all these southern leagues are new to me! But each week we will get to know about the team we are playing next as behind the scenes the staff work immensely hard at ensuring we know about the opposition and how we are going to prepare for each game. Shoutout to Danny Webb for his analysis work and sending me clips at 11pm on Saturday!

JP: Yes shout out to Webby! You were definitely a fan favourite when joining last year as you put in a number of brilliant performances, how important are fans especially when they travel in numbers?

CM: Massively important. Sometimes as a team, you need that extra push when things aren’t going your way and the fans can help provide that especially on tough away days. I think in general if the fans are happy and enjoying what they see then it just generates a feel-good factor around the club which inspires people to keep improving and certainly helps the lads to feel confident out on the pitch.

JP: Yeah definitely, we are going to have great numbers traveling to Maidstone and we are all looking forward to watching the you and lads again! Have you set any personal targets?

CM: Love that, we all appreciate that support mate! Not really, just to play as many games as possible and to keep trying to master my game.

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