The below is posted on behalf of club volunteer Juliet Reynolds, who is fundraising on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis Trust. You can donate to her Just Giving page by clicking here.

“It goes without saying that lockdown has affected us all, and in very different ways.

“For me personally, I’ve missed quite a few things.

“I’ve missed going to work – and whilst working from home has its benefits, I’ve missed my office colleagues, the office banter and the general workplace activity.

“I’ve missed being involved with the Terra’s, supporting my team and seeing all the football gang.

“I’ve missed all these things, but for me it goes a little deeper than that because as most of you probably know, I have MS.

“And in doing all these things, it kept me mobile and as active as I can be, which is so important for my health.

“I’ve wanted to fundraise for a while now, yet I wasn’t quite sure how; but then I saw this challenge and I decided to combine the two.

“So that’s my challenge.

“For the whole of December, on every single day, I’m going to attempt to do the Step aerobics exercise on my Wii Fit.

“Now for those of you who know me, you’ll know that walking in a straight line is sometimes quite the challenge

“Let alone stepping up and down and side to side on a raised Wii Fit board for 20 minutes, for 31 days on the trot.

“So wish me luck. And if you wish me luck enough to sponsor me too, then that would be even better!

“Thanks folks.”

– Juliet

You can donate to Juliet’s Just Giving page by clicking here

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