Ten of the best with Brandon Goodship

Best defender you’ve played against?

I’ve been asked this before and it’s the same answer every time. Thiago Silva when we faced them in a pre-season friendly nearly three years ago. As you can imagine, he was a cut above everyone else. His positioning and composure, he just knew what he had to do three or four steps in advance. He made the game look so easy.

There have been a few goals by you. Which would be your favourite?

The one I scored at home to Farnborough on the day we won the league. I remember it like it was yesterday. Anyone who’s seen Josh Wakefield play will tell you he can pick a pass from anywhere, and he just lifted one over the top for me.

Left foot, bottom-corner, goal. Celebrated with the fans after. It was such a great feeling

Favourite, and most difficult, away ground to play at?

My favourite ground is Fratton Park. I’ve played there a couple of times, and the atmosphere is unbelievable on a Saturday afternoon. The club is very well-backed by supporters, even with the struggles they’ve had over the last 10 or so years.

The most difficult place to go to is a ground we’ve been to this season. Vauxhall Road, where Hemel Hempstead Town play. We actually won the game, but it was a tough game on a rough 3G pitch. The atmosphere was pretty hostile, too. The fans were quite close to the pitch.

In your opinion, who scored the best goal you’ve ever seen? Any club, any level.

That’s an easy one. I was playing for Southend United away to Forest Green Rovers. A lad called Nathan Ferguson picked the ball up just outside the centre-circle and hit the ball like I’ve never seen before. It flew straight in the top-corner.

I was actually fuming at the time when he shot. I was screaming at him to pass!

With 100 goals for the club within sight, do you have one eye on the target?

I don’t usually think about that sort of thing too much, but it was a target I set myself at the start of the season. Being six goals away now, it’s definitely achievable.

It won’t change the way I play, though. I still play for the team, but if I can help by scoring goals, I’ll be buzzing if I get to 100 before the end of the season. I just hope we can continue to pick up results in the meantime. Scoring is great, but it only feels great with three points.

Who was your idol as a striker growing up?

Alan Shearer, without a doubt!

The greatest goalscorer in the Premier League. My Dad put me in a black-and-white shirt as soon as I was born, so I grew up watching him. When people talk about Newcastle United, he’s the first names that comes up and rightly so. I wouldn’t say that I base my game around him, but definitely my idol growing up.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Still playing for Weymouth and scoring goals!

What was it like playing with Thommo?

A one-of-a-kind character. A friend for life. He always kept me on my toes, off the pitch as well as on it. He goes down as a legend and rightly so.

I have many stories about him that I can’t share, but here’s one that I probably can. We played Merthyr Town one time and, as it was someone’s birthday, we went out in Bristol afterwards. A few drinks were had, and as we were about to pull out of the hotel car park the next day, Thommo strolled over to the car and projectile vomited all over the front window. Yellow and green sick everywhere!

What did you learn about the game on and off-the-pitch from your time at Southend United?

The level required week-in, week-out. You learn quickly that you don’t have time to have a bad touch, and you can’t lose focus because, if you do, you will get punished. But, the dressing room I walked into was full of big character, who were also great people. I still speak to them today.

What is one job you would do if it wasn’t football?

I would have gone into coaching or management. I would like to do that at some point. 3PM on a Saturday is what every footballer works towards during the week. I definitely wouldn’t want that feeling out of my life.

Interview by
Jack Webb

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