John Pritchard: We have started the season with 4 out of 6 points against two highly rated teams, a brace from yourself on Saturday helped gain the 3 points. It must be good to get off the mark and get the goals flowing?

Ben Thomson: 4 points from 6 isn’t too bad, it was disappointing not to win last night but I think that’s where we are as a team, being disappointed with a point. We’ve set the bar high and we will take that mentality into every game we play. Regardless of the opposition. It’s nice to contribute with goals but as long as the points are coming in that’s all that matters.

JP: It has shown what you and the lads can do, as you say regardless of the opposition. As you say it’s about the points coming in but from you pictures you must of been happy grabbing a couple, with the first being a great move and finish from the edge of the box?

BT: Yeah I was over the moon with the first… Very out of character but someone’s got to win goal of the season!

JP: Wouldn’t be the first time you’d of won it! You’ve looked good going into the start and have 180 minutes under the belt even though Calvin may of mentioned have been away on a 2 week all inclusive, how are you feeling now the season has started personally?

BT: Calvin’s very insecure about his fitness and doesn’t like it when people excel him, if you went on looks you’d assume he can run but it’s quite the opposite. I try to take a two week all inclusive every year in pre-season just so I only stay one lap ahead of him rather than two. It’s nice to get back into the season now and get going. Nothings won or lost at the beginning so everyone’s just putting the feelers out and seeing what’s what in the league at the moment. I think a few people will be surprised come Christmas.

JP: Definitely, it’s early doors but I think people are already looking and knowing it’s going to be tough and a very competitive league! The fans showed up in great numbers home and away already this season and you are definitely a favourite, must be nice hearing them spur you on?

BT: Yeah I couldn’t ask for anything more from Weymouth fans. Home and away, rain or snow Weymouth always turn up and it’s a pleasure to be involved in a club with fans like ours.

JP: Definitely, a great gate at the Bath game on a Tuesday night! Just last one mate, you’ve been at the club for a long time and seen the progress, how far has it come and do you think a group we can progress, must be great to be one of the core to stay and help progress into the next league?

BT: I defintly think we could. Any Weymouth player would all tell you it’s like being the majority of the team are still very young. (Minus Zubes who’s not fooling me, he’s at least 40) and Cam Murray must be late 30s we’ve got a great young squad and all the staff are the driving force behind everything. They work so hard and 99% of the time make me feel like I’m in school with homework but they’ve got all the knowledge effort and tools to push the club to go wherever they want.

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