Josh Barton: How do you rate our start to the season? You must be pleased?

Jordan Ngalo: I think we have started really well to be honest and we’ve got going in a new league. We’ve got eight points out of twelve available so it’s not been a bad start at all.

JB: I think we can all agree with that. Your personal form is very good. Have you been pleased with yourself and do you feel you have more to add?

JN: Yeah I think the whole team has taken the step-up quite well and personally for me, I feel like there’s definitely more to come. I need to start adding to that goal tally soon enough.

JB: It’s fair to say the goals are not too far away from you! Does the good start we have had surprise you in any way or did you expect it?

JN: I wouldn’t say it’s surprised me because I know what we have in our changing room. I know the quality of my teammates and I had no doubts that we were capable of rocking a few boats here and there.

JB: Liking the use of “rocking a few boats!” Who is the funniest member of the squad in your opinion?

JN: Well it’s got to be Thommo, Brett or Wako. Ollie as well to be fair. Thommo I would say is probably the funniest though if I had to pick one.

JB: A few players have said Thommo over the years if I’m being completely honest. Do you feel you are learning a lot as a young player under the management at Weymouth? Is there one bit of advice that has stuck with you since being at Weymouth?

JN: Yes, I feel like I’m always learning under the management team at Weymouth. I feel like I have come on a lot and as long as I keep wanting to improve, everyone in the management team would help me get to my best of abilities. One bit of advice that has stuck with me I’d say, it’s probably about my reaction after when something doesn’t go right, always to be sure to affect the game.

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