John Pritchard: To start off, can you tell us how your experience with the Terras has been so far.

Calum Ward: My experience with the Terras so far has been really good and enjoyable! The lads have made me feel welcome since I first met them and I’m really looking forward to what the upcoming games hold for us.

JP: Yeah we have a great bunch of lads for sure! We have had a great start so far and have been very solid, how do you feel like you’ve been performing so far?

CW: I feel I’ve performed well in the games I’ve played so far, I’m looking forward to new challenges in the upcoming games and I know I have to keep improving to keep my place in the squad.

JP: Yeah definitely, we also have Mark Childs signed on who we know is right up there and top quality, I bet that is healthy competition for the spot?

CW: Yes, the competition is really high at this club. Like I said I need to keep improving because I know if my standard drops even a little in a couple of games, there will be no hesitation in putting Childsy (Mark Childs) in as he’s a top keeper too.

JP: It’s a new experience for you and coming in and working with new people, we all love Robbie Yates at the club. How has he helped you as a player progress? I bet you find out different philosophies and different ways of doing things.

CW: I’ve known Robbie for quite a while, he was one of the people that coached me from a young age, when I first started out as a keeper. So, to now have him at Weymouth is really good because I know him well and we get on really well, which is a bonus too.

JP: Yeah that’s brilliant and he’s a top man too! Just to finish off, being new to the squad and still finding things out but who in the changing rooms thinks they are the squad clown?

CW: Oh wow, I’d say a few of them would put themselves up there, but for me with the comments they come out with and just all-round, I’d have to say Waks (Josh Wakefield).

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