John Pritchard: We are nearing the end of the packed first month, it’s been game after game and our squad depth has helped us massively. How well has everyone in the squad done in terms of carrying on working hard and being patient and then taking chances when it’s your time?

Cameron Murray: It’s certainly been a tough month for sure, but I feel it’s gone pretty quick, but we have another Saturday – Tuesday coming up so we have to continue our hard work. We have a good group and everyone is pushing each other to keep improving.

JP: It has gone very quick! We still have a couple of games left but how would you assess the month so far?

CM: I think to be in the play-off positions is a great start for sure. But I think as a group we all know the points we have dropped could have been prevented. We have more gears to get into that’s for sure.

JP: For sure, we are in a great position still and have a big game this Saturday to get going again. How are you feeling going into Saturday? It is a long trip but I’m sure we will prepare right.

CM: Well I think playing a strong side like Wealdstone is always good preparation in itself for the next game. I felt that game was played at a really high standard so we will look to carry that through and play with freedom and we will look to bring 3 points back with us which always makes the journey better!

JP: Definitely, was a great game of football. As you say the standard showed from both teams on the pitch and also both sets of fans is so good to see! How good is it to have the fans to constantly show up in numbers and help spur you and the lads on?

CM: I think as a group especially at home we really go up a notch when the fans get behind us, it really does give you that added boost. So if the fans can keep coming in numbers and fire us up from the off I think that can only help us on the pitch for sure, I feel the lads thrive when there is a good atmosphere. It’s great also how hard the social media team and all of the volunteers/staff at the club are working to help the club grow too! The more people we can get down to the Bob Lucas Stadium, the better!

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