John Pritchard: Today is game day and of course everyone is looking to keep picking up points, how are you and everyone feeling going into it?

Josh Wakefield: I think we are all looking forward to it! It’s been a pretty good start so far, a few games where we felt we should have got more points from but overall we are happy with they way things are going. As I’m sure you know there is more room for improvement but overall feeling very positive.

JP: A few new lads have come in and definitely grown into the changing rooms and the atmosphere is getting better and better, how good is it to be in a changing room with the amount of positivity and everyone having the same end goal of success?

JW: Yeah the new lads have slotted in perfectly with us both on and off the pitch! It’s fantastic to be in this positive and forward thinking environment, it’s always challenging and is pushing us all to improve everyday, which is what you want as a player. Both from the coaching staff and the players pushing each other to be better it can only be good for this club!

JP: They have fitted very well and adapted to the our philosophy of playing, on a personal note of course you want to be playing as much as possible. How are you feeling in the new season?

JW: On a personal note of course I want to play every game! So far I have been in and out of the team which can be difficult but the competition for places is fierce so I understand that. I’m feeling fit and ready to play so all I can do is try to take the opportunity’s given to me and make it difficult for the manager, but overall a positive start to the season and looking forward to what the rest will bring.

JP: There is no doubt the manager has a difficult job with everyone involved being that top quality! I’m not sure if you are aware but you are on 97 appearances for the club currently, that’s only 3 off of a great achievement for yourself and the club, something to be happy about?

JW: I didn’t realise that actually! Yeah it’s been a great journey so far and to make it to the 100 appearances will be fantastic so I’m looking forward to that.

JP: What a journey it has been! Last one from me mate, a few of the lads have said you are up there for the squad joker, is anyone else close to sharing that title?

JW: Squad joker yeah!? Well I like to think I enjoy life and always trying to be positive and happy! Wellsy is up there as well I would say but he can be very grumpy so I will happily take the crown!

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