John Pritchard: What is your first football memory?

Andreas Robinson: When I first started out I played at Littledown juniors on a Saturday for the ‘Herons’, there’s some good pictures at home that my parents have of that team so some good memories.

JP:  Can you remember the first pair of football boots you had?

AR: Unfortunately I can… My dad always insisted on me having boots that were bulky and gave me the most protection… so I was always kitted out in a pair of all-black Kipstas from Decathlon, I’m sure they still sell them now!

JP: Well Thommo use to rock Golas so don’t feel too bad mate! When playing, what was your first position you remember playing in regularly, is it the same to this day?

AR: No, until U14 I played at center-back but just couldn’t get a game as there was a jump from U14 to U16 in academies back then, so I started to play in midfield as there were more opportunities in that position and have played there mostly since.

JP: What was the first Academy you played for and how was your time there?

AR: I joined Southampton Under 8s and left when I was 21, so full of good memories. The latter stages were tougher as I struggled with an injury that prevented me from playing regularly for 3-4 years, but I now appreciate the game more as a result of that period looking back.

JP: Being around the academy scene and playing with and against a lot of different players, can you remember your first ‘wow, this player is good’ moment?

AR: Easily Suso, when he was playing at Liverpool, genuinely blown away at how good he was. I remember my brother watched that game and when I came out after the game he looked exhausted for me at the fact I’d been chasing him around the whole game. Not surprisingly I watched Spain the other night and he started for them, but yes until that game I hadn’t come off a pitch as impressed as that before!

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