Josh Barton: I want to take you back to Pre-Season 2018 and when you first signed for the Terras. Did you have any particular expectations of the club then?

Josh McQuoid: I was new to the level and didn’t really know what to expect, to be honest, I knew a little bit about the club and heard all good things. But the gaffer was the main reason I joined. I trust him and he sold it to me.

JB: Can you remember and tell us a bit about your first memory of football?

JM: I supported Newcastle when I was younger. So just seeing Shearer score on TV and getting a shirt with his name on the back. On my debut for AFC Bournemouth, I came on for the last 10 minutes and I was running around like a mad man. I weighed about 9 stone and I just remember going up for a header and then landing on my neck. After that, I thought I definitely need to get bigger and get used to men’s football!

JB: You’ve probably been asked this a few times but can you describe the feeling you had when you first represented Northern Ireland?

JM: I had represented Northern Ireland at lower ages but to get called up for the senior team was a massive honour. I was nervous at first but soon as I went away I loved it and playing at Windsor park is some experience!

JB: One of John’s favourites now! Do you remember your first pair of football boots?

JM: Cor! That’s going back a while now! The first pair I remember would have been the first Adidas predators. I cried in the shop until my dad got them for me. He was fuming because they cost £60! 

JB: What is the first bit of advice or guidance that you can remember getting as a pro?

JM: There isn’t one particular thing that  I can remember. But my coach Joe Roach was a massive part of me making it. He just installed the basics of hard work and making sure I gave my all.

JB: Finally, just a question for the season in general. Obviously, you will be itching to get back on the pitch. As captain how far do you think the lads can go this season? Are there any limits to what we can achieve together?

JM: Yes, I can’t wait! It’s a really hard-working bunch of lads here and I don’t see why we should put any limits on ourselves. Everyone has seen there is nothing to be afraid of and we have held our own comfortably. So we will just keep taking every game as it comes and see where that takes us at the end of the season.

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