Billy Neale: Afternoon, first of all, you made your 100th appearance on Saturday. How much has changed at the club since you signed?

Abdulai Baggie: It’s been a massive change. Obviously, we’ve gone up a league and we’re doing well this season. The club is on the up and we’re all striving to bigger and better things. I want to make more appearances for Weymouth this season and in the future and it’s a good place to be now.

BN: Looking more on your time at Weymouth so far is there one appearance that stands out?

AB: I’d have to say the last game of the season at home to Farnborough where we won the league. We were drawing 0-0 at half time and Taunton were 1-0 up so we had to win the game and when the first goal went in it was a massive sigh of relief and then when the 2nd and 3rd went in, we knew it was job done. Also to have my little boy there was amazing to see us win a trophy.

BN: That was a great day and a day nobody associated with Weymouth will forget. Moving on, how proud are you of your achievement to get to 100 Weymouth appearances? Not many players reach that many.

AB: Yeah it’s a great achievement, I’m very proud to get there and like I said earlier I want to make many more as I’m enjoying my time here.

BN: How grateful are you to the fans, family and others for the support they give you day in day out when playing for Weymouth?

AB: I’m very grateful, the fans here are brilliant, they’ll back you whether we win, lose or draw. Before I signed for Weymouth people told me about the fans here, how passionate they are and how much they love the club. They’ve been brilliant to me ever since I signed and I’ll always be grateful for that.

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