JB: The team is in great form and we have picked up some great results. What do you put it down to?

Yemi: Yes, we have. First of all, doing the basics really well. We are working hard. We are working together as a team and doing better than the opposition in both boxes. This is a great bunch of lads that enjoy playing for each other.

JB: Yemi, on your own personal form, I guess you must be pleased?

Yemi: Yes 6 goals it is not bad but I am a firm believer that there is always room for improvement. There is always something to build on.

JB: Do you think the momentum has carried on from our success last season? Or do you see this as a new league, new start, new players?

Yemi: I think the momentum has continued. Added to that, the new players have settled in well and plus they’ve learned our style of play very quickly so that’s a massive plus also.

JB: I’m reliably informed you have been training Josh Wakefield. He has just won player of the month. Bit of a coincidence that?

Yemi: Well I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but yes, Josh has been coming to my PT studio at Broadstone golf club every week. Doing about 121 sessions for the past 5 weeks so that works out about right doesn’t it?

JB: 15 games in now. You are one of our most experienced players. What can the club achieve this season in your opinion?

Yemi: Well I like to think in any league people start to look at the table properly after 10-15 games. We are a good bunch, we have good players with great coaching staff all trying to improve. I’m not going to jinx anything so let’s just keep going game by game and see where it takes us.

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