Ahead of Saturday’s match away to top of the table side Hereford, top scorer in the Evo-Stik Southern Premier Division Brandon Goodship spoke to Josh Barton of theterras.com.

Josh Barton: We are going into the business end of the season now. Are you excited at what is ahead of us?

Brandon Goodship: Yeah for sure.. I think if going into this end of the season with the oppurtunity we have doesn’t excite you then nothing will. We’ve put ourselves in a great position and need to make the most of it!

JB: 27 league goals for you so far. You are the leagues top scorer. What do you put your form down to and do you have an end target?

BG: Mainly confidence to be honest. I go into every game thinking I’m going to score. Not only that but my team mates, they give me the opportunities to score every game and they have done all season. Also the work that goes unnoticed by our coaches, Tom Prodomo gives us great analysis on opposing teams along with Danny Webb our analyst who both work tirelessly to provide not only me but the whole team with information to prosper!

JB: Have you felt as though you’ve had a point to prove this season?

BG: That’s a tough question but ultimately if I’m honest I would say yes. Mainly because I stepped down a few leagues because I wanted to play week in week out to show people what I can do. Luckily so far I think I’ve given a good account of myself.

JB: What do you ask for at the barbers?

BG: Typically like most other 23 year olds I go for a skin fade. However no matter what you get in a football dressing room you’re always going to be torn to shreds about it!

JB: Who in the squad is the tightest with their money?

BG: That’s an easy one… has to be Harry Baker. I’ve been on a few team nights out with him now and don’t think he’s offered to get a round in once. He also unfairly makes Calvin drive most training sessions!

JB: Your best moment in a Weymouth shirt so far is…

BG: That’s another hard question as there has been a fair few this season… opening the scoring against Dorch early in the season is up there but I think it has to be my first hat trick against Merthyr!

JB: The longest neck you’ve ever seen? 

BG: Josh Carmichael. It’s frightening. He gets a lot of stick in the changing room and has done for as long as I’ve known him.. and as always he takes it very well, top bloke!

JB: And finally, who is the biggest influence in your career?

BG: My Dad. Yeah for sure he has been there since I first kicked a ball aged 4 and has been ever since. I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for him!

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