In our latest midweek player interview, we catch up with February Player of the Month, Tom Whelan. You’ve just won player of the month for February. What are your thoughts on this and do you have a message for the fans that voted?

Tom Whelan: Yes. My message would be thank you! It’s always good to have the fans on your side at any football club. They’ve really taken to you quickly. When you were at Salisbury, many of your performances were noticed. When playing against Weymouth, was it in your mind that it could be a club you wanted to play for?

TW: Well I first played at the Bob Lucas in 2015 for Poole Town. I knew then I was playing against a club that probably shouldn’t be in the Southern League. However being from Liverpool I never thought I would ever play for Weymouth. Life is full of surprises and here I am. Being from Liverpool, are you red or blue?

TW: Red. What is your best footballing memory so far?

TW: I’ve had many when watching Liverpool but I’d have to say it was playing against them while at Bury. That would have to be my best memory. You’re rapidly becoming a fans favourite. Have you been impressed by the club as a whole?

TW: Yes, I’ve been incredibly impressed with the management team. The fans have been great and for example taking 600+ to an away game was a brilliant effort. What are your targets for the rest of the season?

TW: Promotion. Anything short of that for me personally would be failure. That’s why I came here and hopefully we can do it!

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