I would like to take this opportunity to firstly, sincerely thank the club and directors Josh Barton and Mark Golsby for their support and time in helping our fundraiser. The work the club does within the community is unprecedented and the money raised via programmes and bucket collections will be providing some much needed funds for Archie and his family during this horrific time for them.

Secondly, a massive thanks to all the Terras fans who donated on the match-day last Saturday, especially the Slough Town fans who donated in their masses.

To all my lads who played, continue to train and donated. You are a credit to not only Archie and yourselves, but the football club itself. Any Football team, League or Non-League, would be extremely lucky to have fans of our calibre. I am proud to call you mates and share each match day with you!

We predict the amount raised for Make A Wish and Archie’s family to be in excess of £2,700 in total; which I am so proud of. We wish their beautiful family well and will continue to support where we can.

Thank you and Up The Terras,

Josh Bridle
WSFC & EST 1890.

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