A TROPHY won by Weymouth Football Club was on show for students at a local primary school.

Students from Southill Primary School were given the chance to see and hold the Dorset Senior Cup which had been won just the day before the visit.

Weymouth FC won the cup against their local rivals, Dorchester Town FC, beating them 4-2.

The visit got students thinking of what elements go into winning a title such as teamwork, supporting each other and dedication.

Southill Primary School said, “Our football teams discussed the importance of also being resilient, reciprocal and staying positive in times of challenge and losses.”

The experience was a reflective one as a student of the school’s football team said, “I felt so proud to look at it, afterwards we reflected upon our own teams, how well we play together and it inspired us to want to improve and to keep going”.

The students were eager to get a photo with the trophy before they had return to class.

Students are said to of felt ‘very inspired’ by the trophy visit.

One student said, “It was amazing to see and to actually get to hold the trophy, just like the players did. It was much bigger than I thought it would be and I really liked the design of it. It was brilliant for us to see it.”

This visit is seen as a reflection to Southill Primary Schools attitude towards sports and sporting activities as Headteacher Paul Mason said: “Here at Southill, we love sport and thrive on taking part in as many sporting activities as often as we can – therefore it was a very fitting opportunity for our pupils to get to see this trophy and an honour for them to be able to hold it.”

Southill Primary School were very grateful towards the Non-Executive Director of Weymouth Football Club, Jo Walkinshaw who was the one responsible for giving the students the opportunity to see the real-life sporting trophy.

Mr Mason added: “We are very grateful to Mrs Walkinshaw for allowing us the pleasure of housing this trophy, so soon after it had been presented.”

Dorset Echo

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