Ben Thomson joins us to lighten the mood a bit. He talks about his love for the club, the fans and Stéphane Zubar. A massive amount of Weymouth fans made the trip to Bath a couple of weekends ago and of course we had the big crowd against Slough Town on Saturday. That must have been great to see?

Ben Thomson: It was really good to see! It was disappointing we didn’t give them 3 points to cheer about at Bath, but that’s football! In reflection it was a good point away from home. As for Saturday, it was a great atmosphere and a perfect result under the circumstances. Whats your favourite moment of the season so far?

BT: It’s a toss up between seeing Calvin Brooks stick his 8th left footed attempt over the bar last game against Slough, and actually just looking back now, sitting 3rd in the league. If we’re being honest looking at the stupid points we’ve dropped we know we could and probably should be top. We’ve come a long way! Do you have a message for the fans who are simply wondering what to do right now?

BT: Hold tight, stock up on alcoholic beverages, stay clean, stay safe! See you all back at the Bob Lucas hopefully sooner rather than later! And finally, Stéphane Zubar was telling me how much you love this club, the kit-man Dave Tune is missing you already; I guess Weymouth FC has become part of your life?

BT: I’ve been here a long time now and made some great friends for life here! I do love the club! Zubes is a strange one, arguably one of the strangest. I keep telling him that he should thank me for getting him released from Yeovil, he wouldn’t be back at Weymouth if I didn’t take the Michael out of him in that pre-season friendly. So he’s forever in my debt.

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