Today we join the Weymouth FC Match Ball for an exclusive interview for Yes, sadly it has gotten to this point already! Hey match ball, how are things with you?

Match Ball: Bit deflated to be honest. Been self-isolating the last week in the boot-room. Have been left in the dark with the outside world since the Slough game. Talking of the Slough game, what was going through your head when you saw McQuoid running up to take the penalty?

MB: I was checking out the keeper’s gloves. The Government advice is no hand contact, and his mitts looked disgusting. Not long after it was Josh McQuoid’s boot going through my head. I was so glad when I hit the back of the net. Can you tell us what it is like being the Weymouth FC match ball?

MB: It makes me very proud. Nothing is better than being out in the fresh air, being passed around the immaculate pitch at the Bob Lucas Stadium. Some balls have a tough life. Either spend half their time being hoofed up in the air, or being kicked around a cabbage patch. The fans are great and always return me to the action very quickly. Many are envious of the role I play. What will be your plans for the weekend now there is no football?

MB: I normally get really pumped upped for Match Days, so the weekends are going to be a bit odd. Hopefully I can spend some time with the practice balls. Hopefully the practice balls will keep me entertained with some of Wellsy jokes from the changing rooms. Has me in stitches. You must get to spend a lot of time with the kit-man Dave Tune?

MB: I have so much time for that guy, he treats me so well. Not sure if I should tell anyone, but he does take me to the shower for a wash when he is cleaning up after a game. There is nothing I like more than hot soapy water being rubbed over me by his tender hands. Any message for the fans?

MB: Buckle down, stay safe and follow NHS advice here: Look after yourself and those around you. Don’t balls it up by making things worse. I want to see all supporters back at the Bob Lucas Stadium soon so we can carry on where we left off.

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