WEYMOUTH manager Mark Molesley has described the situation facing the National League amid the COVID-19 pandemic as a “minefield”.

On Tuesday, the National League paused its divisions “indefinitely” as uncertainty over the completion of this season continues.

UEFA yesterday ruled that the Champions League and Europa League have been suspended “until further notice”, while Premier League chiefs will meet tomorrow.

Molesley suspects the National League will wait for the English professional game to make further decisions before giving a verdict on their season.

All 68 National League clubs’ futures have been cast into further ambiguity, but Molesley was quick to sympathise with the governing body’s predicament.

“It’s a minefield of contractual issues, health issues – there’s so much to consider,” he told Echosport.

“Everyone’s trying to get the best advice to know how to go forward. This is an unprecedented situation.

“With UEFA meeting (yesterday) and the Premier League (tomorrow) these are the biggest governing bodies in our game.

“I’ve got a funny feeling the FA and our league are probably waiting to see what ideas they come up with – probably rightly so.”

Molesley also stressed the need for “clarity” as many non-league clubs battle to patch up financial holes left by a lack of matchday and sponsorship revenue.

“It’s just such an uncertain time that everyone is worried at the moment,” he said.

“As soon as we get a bit of clarity for all non-league clubs, the better.

“The sooner we can have some sort of resolution, clubs can financially plan and hopefully put things in place to help them survive.”

Dorset Echo

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