Andreas Robinson is the latest player to join us for a weekly player catch up. He talks to us about coping strategies during lockdown, getting back out on the pitch after injury and his connection with the fans.

Josh Barton: Firstly. This is obviously turning into a generic but necessary question. How are you managing during this lockdown period?

Andreas Robinson: I’m managing ok and I’m trying to stay as positive as possible. I’m trying to keep busy and keep some sort of routine with exercise and university work. There has been a slight bit of Call of Duty Warzone in between those two things but it seems my only way of interacting with people at the moment! I’m finding it tough like everyone but it has been nice to be able to pop round to my parents for chats at the end of the drive more often, and also speaking to my brother and his girlfriend a lot more on FaceTime. I don’t get to speak to them much normally because of the time difference in the Caribbean, which is where he is at the moment.

JB: Going back to football. You returned to action after a long period out injured and you started to hit the ground running again. Is it fair to say that it was particularly frustrating for you that once again things have had to grind to a halt?

AR: Yes I think when you put it like that it would be but, to be honest with you I haven’t thought about it in that way at all. The last game we played feels so long ago now and I’m the same as everyone else in the fact that people’s health comes first. Even today I don’t feel like football is any closer to returning so I’ve been trying to reflect positively on things in life and not just football.

JB: You scored the second and final goal against Slough in what was our last game of the regular season. That must’ve been a great feeling for you to celebrate that moment with the fans?

AR: I loved it. I think the majority of the time you spend out injured you think about coming back and scoring and just having that feeling of playing again, especially in front of big crowds that we get more often than not. So yes, I loved it and thank you to the fans for celebrating with me.

JB: Watching on, every single time I watch you play you seem to ooze class. We have genuine quality wherever you look for that matter. Just how far can this group go when we can eventually return to football?

AR: Thank you. Yes, I think we have such a demanding manager and a group of staff that we can look forward positively. It is a difficult question to answer especially in the times that we are in. We have to be realistic in the sense that this situation will affect all levels of football in some way. I suppose I’m just hoping we can continue the momentum that the club has definitely had over the last few seasons.

JB: And finally a message for the fans…

AR: Yes definitely. Just to say I really miss everything about the club at the moment and the fans are a massive part of that. I hope everyone is healthy and managing as best as possible with the restrictions. I’m so looking forward to seeing everyone again, whenever it’s safe to do so.

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