This is a difficult day for the football club and we have had three outstanding seasons under Mark Molesley. I don’t think anyone including myself ever thought that we would get to where we are in such short space of time. Credit to Mark, the staff, the players and everyone else at the club. I always felt from a very early stage that Mark was destined for the football league. He has nothing but my good wishes. I have no doubt that he will continue to be successful. He has an unbelievable work ethic and he will be ready for bigger and better things. I have no doubt that Southend is another step towards Mark moving even further forwards.

All that has happened today is a cog in the wheel has been removed, it’s a big cog but this is all part of a whole journey. The whole club is now a place where we have stability and that stability will be continuing. Everyone needs to stay calm. I have to say that it is very clear to me that the board have a real plan. I would say to the Weymouth fans that yes, this is a tough day but we need to and will move forward. I very much look forward to what the next few weeks brings as we move towards our return to the top tier of Non-League Football.

My view is that the next manager of our club has to have the same sort of ethos, they need to have the same drive and hunger. We have a great group of players and everything to be excited about as we move into the National League.

Finally, this has been a difficult few days for you guys as supporters. What I will say to you is this. Managers, staff and players come and go but fans never leave!

Up The Terras!

Paul Maitland
Weymouth FC Interim Director of Football

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