Josh Barton (JB): I’m joined by Terras’ manager, Brian Stock. The most recent news was the 4th qualifying round draw for the Emirates FA cup. Oxford City at home, what do we know about them?

Brian Stock (BS): We don’t know too much about them yet. Obviously, the draw was only done today. I’m pleased we got a home draw. You know what the FA Cup is like though, there are upsets every single year. We just need to make sure we stick to what our game plan will be and hopefully we won’t have one of those upsets.

JB: I know you want to talk about the Wessex Fantasy Football, it’s such a key aspect to this football club and has been for many years. It’s a great way for the supporters to engage and to also help out the football club, would you agree?

BS: Yeah, it’s been really successful over the past couple of years and its invested into the club and it’s brought players into the team. When I first came into the club, Brandon Goodship was one of the players that was funded and fortunately now, we’ve been able to bring in two players, under the same scheme, Shamir and Sean.

JB: That leads me on nicely, Shamir and Sean both made appearances on Tuesday night, they were both impressive.

BS: I know a lot about Shamir, having played with him, he’s a handful. He has the potential to have a big effect on teams, given his size and how dominant he is in the air. We played really good, fast-flowing football. Sean was introduced for the last 30 minutes, and given he hasn’t played much football lately, he made a brilliant impact and looks a threat moving forward.

JB: It’s Kings Lynn at home on Saturday. There aren’t any easy games in this league but pleasing to get back home.

BS: As you say, there are no easy games and Saturday will be no different. As long as the process stays the same, we’re going to keep playing good football and hopefully, we can work on a few things. We can work on these on the training ground tonight, we haven’t the opportunity to train for the last two weeks.

JB: That’s been a key part hasn’t it? It’s been so relentless that those training sessions for one reason or another have been so few and far between.

BS: It seems odd to actually be here today. Last week, when we had the COVID outbreak, it meant training couldn’t go ahead. We’re up against full-time teams or teams that are at least training more than twice a week. So, already without cancelling training sessions, we’re up against it in terms of contact time. It’s nice to get back on the training field and work on one or two things that are necessary and hopefully put them right. When we looked into the Barnet game on Tuesday night, the amount of entries into the final third, crosses and shots on and off target, the stats were a real improvement, but we need to score goals. It is a concern but it’s something we can address on the training pitch.

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