Important three points, says Tom Whelan

by: theterras

0 You must be delighted after Saturday? A winning goal for you and what a win for the team.

Tom Whelan: Yes, everyone was very happy to get the win. On a personal note I was happy to score but getting the three points is the most important thing. We’ve noticed that you have made both team of the weekend and team of the month with some media outlets. You must be pleased with your own form?

TW: It’s nice to get into them teams but my main goal was to get into the Weymouth team. So that was more important for me personally. We have some big games coming up with a TV game against Wrexham and a derby with Yeovil. I’m sure we will be going into these games full of confidence?

TW: Of course. We go into these game with a bit of a nothing to lose mentality. These are big full-times clubs who are expected to beat us. Do you believe that having two weeks without a game, with a real emphasis on training, will be particularly useful?

TW: I would imagine the gaffer will be putting us through our paces. To be honest, I think it is needed as pre-season was shorter than it normally would be. Finally, do you think Saturday was a good example of how united the team is? Long journey, overnight stay etc.

TW: Definitely. I think most of the lads enjoy the overnight stay (except for Thommo). We are a close group and we are all fighting for the same thing which is to get points for this football club.