Daniel Howell: Jacob thanks for joining us for a chat. Just under two weeks ago you joined the Terras, have you enjoyed life here so far?

Jacob Mensah: No worries, I’ve absolutely loved it. I’ve got to know the lads really well and especially the ones I’m living with. We’ve all built good chemistry between us on and off the pitch. And the gaffer has made me feel so welcome and a part of the Terras family as well as the other lads. I’m really excited for the future.

Daniel Howell: Brian Stock said recently that you had interest elsewhere, what made you decide Weymouth was the place for you?

Jacob Mensah: I’m still learning, everyday and every minute. This move for me tests my character, discipline and attitude. I also felt the feeling of being wanted when talking to the gaffer and there’s nothing more you want as a player than being wanted. I’m loving every minute of it.

Daniel Howell: During your first couple of weeks here you have already been involved in three games, how has it been trying to gel with the squad?

Jacob Mensah: It’s honestly been the easiest process in a team I’ve ever had. Everyone is so welcoming and positive and it rubs off on everyone. The past 2 results have been brilliant! When we get results like these, it makes the atmosphere that little bit better because we’re all in high spirits but we’ve got a few tough fixtures coming up starting with Notts County on Saturday.

Daniel Howell: Just before your announcement we saw the arrival of Dominic Revan, how has it been trying to create a defensive partnership with Dominic?

Jacob Mensah: Once again it’s been one of the easiest processes I’ve had with a centre back pairing. It’s as if we’ve been playing with each other for years and we know each other’s games and the way we play. He’s a great lad too, and he’s working towards big things.

Daniel Howell: Having recently been with Crystal Palace, do you feel that the full-time aspect you have experienced will help others within the team?

Jacob Mensah: Most definitely. Having a full time mindset like most of the boys here, is crucial to succeeding or meeting goals set by both club and players in this league. Once again it rubs off on players that want to do well and improve everyday and these players here have that attitude without a doubt. Anyone wanting to win will put in the work and to experience the rewards.

Daniel Howell: You also have experience from playing in Non-League beforehand with Ramsgate, has that previous experience helped you find your feet upon returning to Non-League?

Jacob Mensah: Definitely, I’m happy the way I started because at the age of 16 I was forced to become a man. Teaching me discipline, hard work and maturity. It put me in good stead for Palace and even better for now because I understand men’s football and what challenges are ahead but I still have a long way to go. I never stop learning.

Daniel Howell: With the Terras claiming back to back wins and clean sheets on Tuesday, has that helped boost the confidence within the dressing room?

Jacob Mensah: That’s definitely boosted the confidence, without a shadow of doubt. We need results and these back to back results give us more momentum to kick on a do well. Everyone’s buzzing for the games ahead and are ready to graft to get results.

Daniel Howell: We face a Notts County side on Saturday who will be looking to keep themselves in the play-off places, how do you feel going into that fixture?

Jacob Mensah: I’m very confident, I’m not worried about their position. We’ve just got to take each game as it comes and always be ready to work hard to get results. You have to go into every game with a winning mentality and that’s what we will do.

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