Weymouth Football Club are seeking media volunteers to assist the club moving forward. This is a suitable role for those looking to gain work experience within a football club environment or those who are passionate about the club and wish to volunteer their services. Working amongst a small team, individuals will be required to undertake in a number of different tasks both on matchdays and during the week with our social media platforms and on our website.


These tasks include:

  • Reporting of each fixture, home and away, on social media.
  • Assisting in writing a match report for the website.
  • Managing the website to display latest news around the club plus basic information regarding upcoming fixtures and statements from the club.
  • Conducting a post-match interview with the manager after every game. Player interview also desirable.
  • Publishing club statements/transfer announcements should they arise.
  • Working closely with sponsors to advertise their services or sponsorship of the club.


Interested individuals should send a copy of their CV and cover letter to: ceo@weymouthfootballclub.co.uk

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