Following the previous statements made after the Saturday 11th November fixture against Farnborough, we wish to update the supporters, staff, players, and the wider audience that may have an interest in this matter.

In the aftermath of the incident evidence has been supplied by Farnborough, other authorities and individuals which has now been reviewed. This has enabled us to identify those involved before, during and after the match in behaviour not befitting of supporters.

These individuals have now all been banned from entering the Bob Lucas stadium, and premises. Furthermore, they will not be permitted to travel to any away fixture on transport organised by Weymouth Football Club. Farnborough Football Club have confirmed that the individuals will not be permitted entry to their ground whilst the bans are in place.  The lengths of the bans vary, commensurate with culpability.  We will also be advising opposing clubs of these bans, and encourage them to refuse entry to all these individuals to their grounds, when playing Weymouth FC

We would like to thank Farnborough F.C. for their assistance in identifying these individuals, whilst at the same time offering our sincere apologies to their Officials, Players, and Supporters, who had to witness this disgraceful behaviour.

We fully understand that football is an emotive sport but are committed to ensuring that supporters of all ages, whether following the Terras home, or away, can do so in a safe, enjoyable environment.

Weymouth F.C. Board of Directors & Farnborough F.C. Board of Directors

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