We've got to make sure we're on the front foot

Bobby, a fantastic result on Tuesday night. Two wins on the bounce. How pleased are you with the boys?

I’m really pleased with the boys. Although I made it very clear, let’s not get carried away. It’s just back-to-back wins that we aimed to achieve. Now we move onto the next game.

We’ve also managed to get a win on Tuesday night. Is this perhaps a sign that we are turning things around one step at a time?

Yes. One step at a time. It’s important to climb the mountain slowly. Although I didn’t think we played particularly well in the first half, the group were organised and kept their shape well. We knew it would be tough against a team close to us in the table.

But, in the second half we took it up a level. We created three or four chances and even hit the post. We could have won four or five nil in the end.

You’ve said how you noticed that the players have become more confident lately. I felt they showed that last night by how they were looking to create chances even at the end of the game. How pleased are you to see the players performing with more confidence and intensity?

We will always push ourselves to do even better, but there were so many positives. We were hunting in packs Tuesday all over the park, with everybody hunting in twos or threes. Every player did their part.

We move onto Aveley, who are a very strong side and near the top of the table. This won’t be an easy game. What in particular do the players need to be prepared for?

Aveley are one of the best sides I’ve seen this year. They’re very well organised and play in the right areas. Their squad also got promoted together and they’re still riding on that wave. They’re the second best team in the league, but this won’t be a game that we will fear. We will enjoy it.

When facing a team as high up in the table as Aveley, is Saturday’s game another good test of the players’ character?

We will know after Saturday afternoon how far we are off the top sides. This season already, we played well against Yeovil but not so well against Bath. But, this is just the next game. Aveley have had a brilliant season, but now they’ll be at our turf. Although, we’ve got to turn up and perform. If we don’t, they will take their chances.

Even though our opponents are second in the table, we go only eight points off them if we win. We’ve spoken about this many many times before, but doesn’t this just show that we’re holding our own in a very strong and competitive league?

That’s the thing. I’ve just spoken unbelievably highly of Aveley, and yet if we beat them we only go eight points behind them. It’s all about climbing the table and putting points on the board.

What also pleases me is how the group has bounced back. We went through a very tough period a couple of weeks ago, but everyone deserves credit for the way they have reacted since.

Of course Saturday is another home game. You’ve spoken about wanting the team to start performing as well at home as they do away. They certainly did that on Tuesday.  How important is it that they start to do it consistently?

It’s all about thinking how we could be better, and how we can compete against the top sides. We’re not shying away from any challenges, and we’re moving forward in all departments. We’ve managed to create more chances in our last two than in the previous four beforehand.

As always, what has been the key message going into Saturday’s game?

Let’s prepare right. Let’s make sure you turn up man-for-man and beat your opponent. Remember, we’re at home. Make it a fortress.

By Jack Webb


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